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5 Crafty Fall Gender Reveal Ideas

Gender reveal parties have become wildly popular in the past 13 years or so, and there’s been a push to get more creative with the way you unveil whether you’re having a boy or girl.

If you’re a couple expecting the birth of a new child, perhaps you’re also thinking of throwing a gender reveal party. Fall is an excellent time to hold your gender reveal party, and there are some excellent themes that you can put to use.

These tips will help you with your fall gender reveal ideas.

1. Incorporate Pumpkin Themes

Fall is all about pumpkins. Whether you’re carving one up for Halloween or plan to enjoy some pumpkin beer or pumpkin spice lattes, it all starts with this universally-enjoyed fall crop.

Consider carving up a pumpkin that reveals the sex of the child, or serving slices of pumpkin pie that include blue or pink candles. The gender reveal ideas are limitless if you happen to be a pumpkin lover.

2. Unveil Your Precious Turkey

When you’re planning a gender reveal party, you might choose to focus on the things that you’re grateful for. You can tie this in with a Thanksgiving theme just in time for your fall party.

For instance, you might consider painting the mother’s belly like a turkey with blue or pink paint. If body paint isn’t preferable, you can instead use a different canvas for your artwork, or find other creative ways to use the Thanksgiving theme.

3. Get Ready For Some Football

Football and fall are synonymous, so don’t hesitate to make America’s favorite sport part of your gender reveal theme. Order a kid’s size jersey from your favorite team and customize it accordingly. You can include “Boy” or “Girl” in place of the last name on the back.

NFL teams also have pink variants of all of the teams in case it’s a girl. Aside from the reveal itself, this offers the perfect opportunity to include all of the over-the-top, high-impact energy that we love from the game of football.

Consider having the games on TV screens and playing tailgating games like cornhole. You can even purchase some smoke cannons for sale and sparklers to add pizazz to the occasion.

4. Use Halloween Candy

Your gender reveal will be a frightfully good time when you incorporate a Halloween theme. Aside from ghouls and goblins, you can also order bags of pink or blue Halloween candy.

This can be part of the big reveal and can be given away as gender reveal gift bags and party favors.

5. Serve Up Some Fall Drinks

Finally, consider celebrating the occasion with some fall drinks. People often use dye to turn their beer green for St. Patrick’s Day. You can use dye to turn your fall drinks pink or blue.

This is a great way to doctor up your Oktoberfest beers or pumpkin coffees while celebrating new life.

Use These Fall Gender Reveal Ideas

Having access to these fall gender reveal ideas will give you the best chance to celebrate your precious bundle of joy in a unique way. Start kicking around these ideas and use them to make the most of your gender reveal party.

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