5 Essential Website Toolbars You Need for Your Business Page

Millions of people use business pages each day. And with each click, these sites increase their shareholder value. But these sites won’t take off if they don’t use all the available features.

One of the most misunderstood features: the toolbar. Many website toolbars aim to increase user engagement and influence, but they often result in nothing.

How should you use them if you yourself are a website admin? Keep reading to learn all about some of the must-have website toolbars that will help boost your user experience.

1. Navigation Toolbar

The navigation toolbar is an essential business website tool for any business page. It provides the user with user-friendly, intuitive site navigation that allows them to find what they are looking for quickly.

It is also important for creating a professional appearance and making sure that the page looks well-structured and organized. The toolbar will typically have a few main sections, with each section providing quick links to relevant sections of the page.

2. Search Toolbar

Search toolbars help visitors easily locate and access content on your site. By integrating into your web page, a search toolbar allows viewers to enter a few keywords and quickly locate what they are looking for on your site.

Additionally, search toolbars enable you to follow analytics. They can help you monitor your website’s performance and identify which keywords are frequently searched. They are simple to implement and require little maintenance.

3. Social Media Toolbar

A social media toolbar will help customers easily find and stay connected with your company. Having a good social media toolbar is essential since it increases the reach and shareability of one’s business page.

The toolbar should include popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest, as well as options like “Share Now,” “Follow Us,” and “Connect.” Additional features such as “Subscribe to RSS Feeds,” “Share Our App,” and “Get our Newsletter” provide customers with more ways to connect with the business.

4. Promotions and CTA Toolbar

As a business, it is essential to add promotion toolbars to your WordPress eCommerce website design. It easily directs visitors’ attention to promotion links and banners directly below the header menu on your business page.

With promotions and CTA toolbars, you also get the benefit of tracking the performance of your marketing campaigns. It also promotes specific actions you want visitors to take. This might include buttons for actions like “Get a Quote,” “Sign Up,” “Buy Now,” “Request a Demo,” or any other desired conversion action.

5. Accessibility Toolbar

The accessibility toolbar helps ensure all content is clearly presented and accessible to everyone. The accessibility toolbar provides users with various options for text size, display, contrast, magnification, keyboard navigation, and high contrast modes.

This toolbar ensures that websites are compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). It is essential to ensure that every visitor is able to enjoy using your business page with no obstacles.

Add These Much-Needed Website Toolbars

Now that you’re aware of the essential website toolbars you need for your business page, it’s time to go ahead and invest in them. These toolbars make running your business page easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

Use them to your advantage for a better page experience overall. Go get them now and feel the improvement on your business page!

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