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7 Simple Tips to Make Clutter Removal Quick and Easy

It takes little time for clutter to build up in your home, and with each buildup of clutter, cleaning your home gets more challenging. An estimated 300,000 items are in the average household in the United States, and keeping things organized can feel impossible as you continue purchasing essentials for your home.

Thinking of what your home or apartment will look like after junk removal is exciting, but most homeowners shudder at handling the cleaning and decluttering process. Though the process seems daunting, taking small steps will help you with clutter removal and enjoy the benefits of an organized and comfortable home.

Luckily, you’ve discovered the perfect resource to use when seeking home storage solutions for a clean and decluttered home. Continue reading to learn the ins and outs of clutter removal for your home today!

1. Start With the Obvious

The best way to declutter your home is to start with the obvious items that no longer serve a purpose. You’ll focus on the easy things to donate or throw out and get in a rhythm with cleaning your home. Look for items in the home that belong in the garbage to begin lifting the veil that clutter has unleashed in your house.

You’ll free up more space in your home immediately. Many homeowners dread throwing these items out because they hope to use them in the future. Set a deadline for yourself to use or sell the items, and throw them out if the deadline passes with no change.

It’s also natural to struggle with throwing out items if you’re unsure how to dispose of them. Seventy percent of toxic waste in the world comes from electronic waste. Much of the waste can be eliminated with electronic recycling.

2. Pretend You’re Moving

Another excellent tip when decluttering your home is pretending you’re moving abroad. Bringing every belonging with you is not feasible when making a big move. It’s helpful because you’ll focus on the essential items needed to enjoy a comfortable and happy life.

You’ll discover the items you no longer need and quickly move on from them. Random things in your household that feel essential will feel like a burden when you’re forced to make difficult decisions with your belongings. It’s one of the most effective ways to shift your perspective about belongings and the essential things in your home.

3. Create Cleaning Challenges

Cleaning challenges are a fantastic way to make junk removal fun in your home. Set a challenge that you’ll have at least one clean surface in each room of the house. Clutter accumulates on flat surfaces like tables, countertops, and desks.

Challenging yourself to keep those surfaces clear of clutter is an excellent first step toward learning how to clean your home. You’ll create the appearance of a clutter-free home without draining yourself, cleaning every bit of clutter you find.

It’s a fun way to motivate yourself to continue eliminating the clutter in your home. Use a Dumpster Rental to offload any hefty items in your home. You’ll clear up space and save money you’d otherwise spend on home storage solutions.

4. Start Recycling

Recycling is a fantastic step toward a healthy and sustainable planet, and you can use it to eliminate the clutter in your home while helping the environment. Plastic, glass, and paper items are all perfect candidates for recycling while handling clutter removal in your home.

Throw out any expired food items and consider donating worn-out clothing. You can make a difference in your community by recycling appropriate items and donating things you no longer use. Your home will no longer feel claustrophobic after you learn how to clean your house and rid yourself of clutter.

5. Prepare Your Emotions

Many people hold on to clutter because of the items’ sentimental feelings. Preparing your emotions in advance is the best way to begin decluttering your home. You can’t let your feelings stand in the way of clutter removal.

The emotional toll will hit even if you’re not particularly attached to the items you’re throwing out. Consider scanning photos to preserve them and pass on family heirlooms to other relatives that would love to have them. The emotional challenge is difficult but worth overcoming for a clean and healthy household.

6. Reward Yourself

Clutter removal is an unpleasant experience, but you can get through it by using incentives and rewards for cleaning up the rooms in your home. Start small when eliminating your belongings and reward yourself for progressing toward a more minimalistic lifestyle.

Think of the things that make you happy and use them as motivation and reward. Buy your favorite bottle of wine to celebrate with your partner, or splurge on that piece of clothing you’ve wanted for ages. You deserve to treat yourself after a draining day of decluttering your home.

7. Use Your Momentum

Clutter removal is an activity that is difficult to start, but you must capitalize on the momentum after getting started. The first step of cleaning your home is always the most difficult. Once you have momentum, take advantage of it to remove clutter from each room you enter.

You’ll see the benefits and results from your hard work and want to spread it to the other rooms in your home. It’s natural to want to clean the entire house after completing the first room.

Using the effort to declutter your kitchen counters saves time and frustration when cooking dinner later. The benefits of junk removal make living in your home more enjoyable. Use that momentum to save time and energy, and adopt clutter removal as part of your routine.

Try These Clutter Removal Tips Today

One of the most significant challenges homeowners face is managing clutter removal and organizing their living space. Prepare your emotions to let go of the belongings you no longer need and view decluttering your home through the lens of a move abroad. Create challenges to ensure at least one clean surface in each room, and use your momentum to perfect your home storage solutions.

A clean home provides a comfortable, safe living space with improved curb appeal. Take your home’s design and decor to the next level with our engaging Home and Real Estate content today!

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