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Can You Build on Your Land? The Process Explained

If you own land, you can build whatever you want on it, right? Not so fast! Building a custom home is a dream for many, but it demands intense preparations.

You need to consider budget, land topography, laws, floor plan, and more. Depending on where you live, you might also need to get permits. Building a custom home can be overwhelming, but we’re here to ensure you don’t miss anything before you build on your land.

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Buy Land

Buying land is not as straightforward as it seems, especially if you’re looking to build a custom home. Difficult terrain will give you more headaches during construction.

Like searching for a rental property, you can look for land for sale online. There are land listing sites you can visit with all the necessary information. To get the best deals, contact a real estate agent.

Hire a Home Builder

Apart from a real estate agent, a home builder can guide you with buying land to constructing a house. Having them involved in your decision-making can save you time and money.

A home builder can determine the best placement for your future home. They can tell if you can build on your land and its suitability for construction. In addition, a home builder can help you process permits and licenses.

Consider working with Phoenix custom home building.

Consider Construction Laws

Before digging on your plot of land, ensure your operation abides by the laws.

Despite owning the land, you cannot do anything you want with it. You must check with your local land and construction laws before developing it. For building construction, site approval and zoning are some you must process.

Any restrictions around the area will hinder your plans for custom home building. If you proceed without permission, you can be subject to a hefty fine or penalty.

Check the utility access in the area. Determine if you can connect with any electricity or water line. If there is none, you must pay extra to hook up your utilities.

Decide on the Home Design and Floor Plan

For many homeowners, home design and floor planning are the most fun in the process. This is the part where you visualize the aesthetic of your home to fit your lifestyle.

When designing your home, choose a style that goes for the whole house. Identify the number of rooms and the materials to use. However, your design must not limit the basic systems.

Expect changes in your budget as you bring the design to life. Unlike renovations, building a new home focuses on the systems supporting it. A large part of your budget will go to the foundation of the building.

How to Build on Your Land

Although you own it, it is not up to you whether you can build on your land. Check with your local authorities or work with a professional company to determine whether you need any permits.

Ready to build the home of your dreams? Don’t stop here! Check out our other blog posts for some ideas on design and construction.

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