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How Much Is It to Tint Windows in a Home?

Have you thought about adding window film to your home windows?

Tinted windows have several benefits that everyone can appreciate, from comfort levels and security to enhanced curb appeal. But you might be wondering about the cost of tinting your home windows, especially if you have plenty of them.

Before committing to this project, we want you to have all the necessary information. That’s why we’ve compiled this simple article to help you determine how much-tinted windows cost.

Keep reading for all the details.


Window tinting for your home is a service that many homeowners use to moderate the amount of heat and light that enter their homes. Window tinting can be pricey, depending on the size of the windows.

For smaller windows, such as those behind a sink or vanity, tinting may range from $75 to $100 and higher, depending on the type of tint desired. Regarding standard-size windows, the cost can range from $200 to $350 or more. For more oversized windows like those used for a patio, the price could be $400 or higher.

Type of Window

Tinting of flat, single-pane glass windows is much cheaper than that of complex windows with many panes. Those with more elaborate designs may need extra labor to get the job done, increasing the cost.

Film Type and Quality

Reflective films are the most expensive, followed by standard dyed and metalized non-reflective films. The primary difference between reflective and non-reflective films is performance.

The design of reflective films is to block 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays and keep your home cooler in summer. Non-reflective film blocks up to 80% of the sun’s UV rays and offers better indoor privacy but may not keep your home as cool.

The cost of window tinting can range from $3 per square foot to over $5, with more oversized windows costing more and professional installation raising the price. Quality tint installation will last many years to keep your home looking great.

Number and Location of the Windows

The larger the number of windows, the higher the cost. For instance, a house with ten windows may cost more to tint than one with five. The cost of the windows in high areas or hard-to-reach places may be higher due to the energy costs associated with tinting. Home window tinting in a two-story home may cost more than a single-story ranch house due to the elevation of the windows.


Homeowners can expect to pay an average of $30 – $100 per window for labor, with more oversized windows and complex tint films costing an extra fee. For higher quality tints, such as 50% and 35% VLT, the labor cost may go up to $150, depending on the window size. Labor rates also differ based on the window and window treatment company type.

How Much Is It to Tint Windows: Factors to Consider

Tinting the windows in your home can be an economical and practical solution to privacy, energy efficiency, and protection from UV damage. So, how much is it to tint windows?

Investigate your options and determine the best value for your home and needs. For more information, contact a local professional to get a quote today.

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