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Is It Grass or a Weed? What’s Taking Over Your Lawn

It seemed like only yesterday our pristine green lawn was the envy of the town. But as we gaze out the windows of our home, the reality of what’s taken over our lawn quickly sets in.
 Is it beautiful grass or an invasive weed that’s slowly creeping across our lawn?

Take control and fight back now to prevent this weed vs grass invasion from ruining your lawn for the season.

Weed Characteristics

Weeds generally have a much shallower root system than grass. This means they don’t absorb water as well. Weeds are also much more tolerant of environmental stressors such as extreme temperature variations or low moisture levels.

The leaves and stems of weeds can vary from grass and may contain alternate leaves, broad leaves, hairy leaves or without hairs, double or triple leaflets, etc. Weeds may also have a thicker, denser stem.

Finally, weeds will often germinate quicker than lawn grass – and can spread to other parts of the lawn more quickly.

Grass Characteristics

Grasses tend to have fibrous root systems, have jointed stems, and the leaves feature a prominent midrib. Additionally, grasses have noticeable sheaths that partly or completely surround the stem where it joins the leaf.

Generally, each node on the stem will have visible buds. Additionally, grasses usually have seed-bearing spikelets found in flowering shoots.

Grasses have a unique method of flowering, and the inflorescence is a dense cluster at the end of the stem. If you are noticing plants with these characteristics in your lawn, you have grass and not a weed taking over your lawn.

Discerning Between Weed vs Grass

Is it grass or a weed taking over your lawn? The first indicator is determining what type of grass is currently growing in your yard. Weeds usually do not have any distinguishing characteristics, while different types of grass will have blades, stems, and flowers of varying lengths and colors.

Additionally, weeds typically spread savannah-style throughout your lawn, while grasses generally grow in a unified direction. Examining the roots can also be helpful.

Lastly, pay attention to the weeds that seem to be taking over. Some weeds may be easier to remove than others. A persistent eye and diligence in weeding can bring vitality to your lawn!

Strategies to Battle Weeds & Grass

Lawn owners are encouraged to take a proactive approach to grass and weed control. Regular mowing, fertilizing, and watering can help maintain the desired grass species in the desired location while eliminating weeds.

Pre-emergent treatments are one of the most effective strategies in the battle against weed encroachment. Applied in the early spring and late fall, they inhibit weed seed germination and can significantly reduce habitat for weeds to take hold in the lawn.

Spot-treatment herbicides can also be used to directly target invading weed species and should be paired with regular mowing and trimming around structures to prevent re-seeding at these problem locations. For more professional assistance, homeowners can seek lawn care services like Precision Landscape Management.

Have a Healthy and Beautiful Lawn Today

Weed vs grass identification is an important part of having a beautiful lawn. Knowing what you’re dealing with is key to successful lawn care.

If you’re struggling to identify a particular grass or weed in your lawn, use our helpful resources and seek out professional advice. Taking control of your lawn’s landscape is easier than you think!

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