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Did you know that about 20% of new businesses close their doors during their first two years of being open? They fail to use technology to satisfy their customer’s needs. They choose to manage their records by hand.

For some small businesses that don’t have a lot of inventory or records to keep track of, that’s a sound tactic. However, as a business grows and begins selling more products, organizing all that item information can become overwhelming.

That’s where proper product information management comes into play. Using the right PIM software will allow you to change and manage your product information at the click of a mouse. You can delegate marketing tasks to your employees.

There is a massive difference between using the software and using it to its fullest. Continue reading for a few tips.

Delegate Tasks

One of the highlights of PIM software is that it allows for collaboration. That means you’ll need to delegate tasks to get the most out of your program.

You can go in and grant permissions to specific team members. For example, if you want your marketing managers to be the only ones to create and delete product attributes, you can do that.

It’s not only your staff members. You can also invite your suppliers to get in on the fun.

Define Your Goals and Requirements

Sit down with your fellow managers and decide on your product information needs.

When brainstorming your requirements, think of the specifications of your products. Are they complex or simple?

What do customer product reviews have to say? You can use your PIM software to implement their feedback.

Don’t Use Too Many Systems

The last thing you want is to spread your product information across multiple systems. It will make product information more complicated to deal with.

You run the risk of tools in one of your systems not playing well with the ones in others. That means it may be impossible to transfer your data to other systems.

Managing your product information will be a headache. Writing product descriptions and selling products will be impossible.

Choose the Right Software Program

Choosing the right product information management system can be complicated. Consider how many users you want to collaborate with in the present and future.

Again, depending on the size of your business, you may want the ability to give permissions to managers, manufacturers, and suppliers. If you have a few managers that aren’t as tech-savvy as others, you’ll want to choose a program with a low learning curve.

Different programs come with different functionalities. Some to look out for are data onboarding, digital asset management, data quality control, integrations, and flexibility.

A product data syndication program may suit your needs better. You can go here to learn more about PIM vs PDS.

The Secret to Better Product Information Management

When it comes to keeping your business afloat, product information management is crucial. While you can keep track of your data by hand, that can become overwhelming after a while.

Make life easier for yourself by using a PIM system. It will allow you to keep your product information organized and collaborate better with your team.

For more tips that will help you keep your organization in tip-top shape, explore the rest of our blog.

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