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The Complete Airbnb Cleaning Checklist for Hosts: Don’t Miss a Spot!

The perks of Airbnb hosting are extraordinary, but keeping your house in tip-top clean shape at all times is no small feat. A complete Airbnb cleaning checklist is key to the success of your home-sharing page, whether regular or occasional.

This list of the main areas and items you need to clean solves your biggest cleaning challenges. Keep reading to discover when and where to clean with a checklist that will have you as clean as new.

Let’s get started!

Living Room Cleaning

When it comes to living room cleaning, Airbnb hosts should follow a detailed checklist to make sure no detail is missed. This means dusting surfaces like the TV, bookshelves, and picture frames and vacuuming the floor. Make sure all couch cushions, pillows, and rugs are in good condition.

Clean air and dust filters, check for dust within the soft furnishings and remove any cobwebs from the ceiling and corners. Additionally, hosts should freshen up the air by opening windows and using a lemon-scented cleaning solution.

All air fresheners need to be placed away from furniture, as well as away from any air vents. Finally, deep cleaning of the living room should be done every so often.

Bedroom Cleaning

Bedroom cleaning should start with making the bed and tidying the room. Bed linen and towels should be changed, and surfaces dusted. Carpets and upholstered items should be vacuumed. Mirrors and windows should be polished, and lamps dusted.

Clutter should be removed and trinkets wiped down. Bins should be emptied, and bedside tables should be wiped. Blinds and curtains should be given a general dusting, and cobwebs should be removed. Remotes and light switches should be cleaned as well.

Bathroom Cleaning

Airbnb hosts should always make sure that their guest’s bathroom experience is a pleasant one. Firstly, remove all cobwebs from the ceiling, walls, and corners.

Wipe down vanity (including cupboard doors and handles), toilets, and light fixtures. Use a damp cloth, a mild cleaning solution, a scrubbing brush, and a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and dust.

Mop hardwood floors and tile surfaces with a recommended cleaning agent. Then, clean the sink, shower, and tub using a suitable cleaner and scrub brush.

Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen cleaning is a critical part of the Airbnb cleaning checklist for hosts. The most important areas to address include the stove-top, oven, and dishes, as all of these items need to be sanitized and properly handled according to health and safety codes.

Additionally, all light fixtures and countertops should be thoroughly wiped down, all visible mold should be eliminated, and any food scraps should be cleaned up. To help ensure that you don’t miss a spot, make sure to check your refrigerator for any forgotten leftovers, as they can attract pests and cause health hazards.

Another effective solution is enlisting the help of professional cleaning services from Becht Pride. By doing so, you can rest assured that every nook and cranny of your space will be thoroughly cleaned and properly maintained.

Use This Airbnb Cleaning Checklist Today!

Overall, the complete Airbnb cleaning checklist for hosts is incredibly valuable and should be utilized by Airbnb hosts to ensure perfect cleaning. Hosts should use the checklist to clean every corner.

Furthermore, Airbnb hosts should consider hiring professional cleaners for even greater benefits. If you’re an Airbnb host, don’t miss out on the complete Airbnb cleaning checklist to succeed in your venture!

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