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Three Beautiful Destinations Only Reachable by Private Jets


Just like in medieval times, when people went out of their houses to seek something new and discover new areas which are yet to be accessed by other humans. However, that urge to learn something new still remains. 

People are looking to invent new places in remote areas, with only a few people able to access the site. Hence, comes the importance of private jets, which take people to remote areas where normal transportation can’t take them. 

When you have private jets, you can visit areas where the crowd has yet to find its feet, allowing you to relax away from the busy city lights. 

Thus, it brings us to today’s discussion on the places you can visit with a private jet. 

Three Places Where Only Private Jets Can Enter 

As discussed, people want to visit, which is something offbeat and unique to maintain differentiation from other people. Thus, they seek to stay in luxurious areas away from the bright neon lights of the city to remote areas where there is peace and serenity. 

Here are some places you can visit – 

Telluride, Colorado 

This is for the people who love mountains. Telluride is one of the serene areas which is popular for skiing. And often, people visit the area to enjoy skiing, and the site ranks 1st among the top ski destinations. 

The area is situated in the Southwestern region of Colorado. It receives 300 inches of snowfall, which makes the place for skiing terrain. Telluride is accessible when you have a private jet, and the nearest airport is Telluride Regional Airport. 

Once you visit the place, you can enjoy the view of the San Juan Mountains and dig deep into the luxury hospitality of the area, which includes world-class resorts, fine dining, and boutique shopping.  

Tiwi Islands, Australia 

This is for the people who want to enjoy the indigenous lifestyle and their history. Tiwi Islands are among the many Islands present in Australia. It lies under the jurisdiction of the Northern Territory. 

It is also known as the Island of Smiles and consists of two people, Bathurst and Melville. The island is famous for its traditional lifestyle and various art forms. The schools in the area are decorated with art murals and carved burial poles, which makes it a great tourist place. 

The island is inhabited by a handful of Tiwi people, which is no more than 3,000 people, and they are known for their painting, weaving, sculpting, and carving. Their art form reminisces the rich history and culture they have. 

You can easily visit the area with your jet at Bathurst Island Airport and enjoy the indigenous cultural experience.   

Therefore, if you are in Dubai and want to relish visiting Tiwi Islands for a premium Indigenous experience, see the Global Jet Center website, a private jet charter in Dubai, and book a private jet for your journey. 

Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

If you have a private jet and want to visit a remote area away from the city’s hustle, then Necker Island should be at the top of the list. 

After reopening in 2018, the island is slowly gaining popularity among the elite section of society. Before a deadly hurricane hit the island’s shores, it was a favorite destination for tourists and celebrities. 

Further, the island is mainly owned by British Billionaire Sir Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Group. 

Besides, one of the reasons for the popularity of the island is its affordability. You can book a private Charter jet and enjoy the remote ambiance of the area. Hence, you can take your family and friends and enjoy the luxurious amenities of the island. 

Note: There is one resort on Necker Island that can accommodate up to 34 guests.      

There Are More Islands 

Besides what we discussed in the previous section, there are other islands that you should look to visit if you have a private jet. 

  • Nimmo Bay, Canada, is for those who like to enjoy the wilderness and the serenity of the rainforest. The area was considered the best lodging place by National Geographic. 
  • Explora Patagonia, Chile, one of the top cities of Chile, which National Geographic considered the must-visit place in 2018. The area is known for their one of a kind experience, with vast Chilean Mountains covering the base. It offers luxury spas and horseback excursions.  

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