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Treat Yourself Right: Popular Vacation Home Amenities to Look For

Are you looking for a vacation home?

The global pandemic has seen a huge increase in vacation home sales, with a huge rise in popularity among Americans. Whether you find a vacation home by looking online or in person, ensure you find the perfect home for your needs.

Are you looking for the best amenities to look for in a vacation home? If so, read on to learn about the popular features to consider. With these in place, you can make your vacation relaxing no matter where in the world you go.

Discovering vacation home amenities can be the start of your perfect getaway today.


With the growing technology advancements, staying connected during a vacation is becoming more and more important. Travelers can keep in touch and be productive without having to worry about finding a cafe with wireless internet access or racking up huge cellular bills.

WiFi Internet also allows travelers to research the area they are staying in, look up directions, make reservations, and more. WiFi in a vacation home can also be helpful in keeping the kids entertained. It can also offer easy access to games, TV shows, and movies while on vacation.

Private Pool

A private pool is a great way to spend time while taking a break from reality. It can be an oasis of peaceful relaxation or an area for entertaining guests. Most private pools come with a variety of features, such as a hot tub, diving board, waterslide, outdoor kitchen, and more.

Private pools often offer private access, so guests don’t have to worry about someone else using their pool. They also come with modern features like waterfalls, lights, and night lighting for a more dramatic setting. You can go swimming anytime you want, relax during the day, and entertain late into the night.

Outdoor Grilling Area

Outdoor grilling areas are becoming one of the most sought-after features in vacation homes. An outdoor cooking space creates an inviting atmosphere and encourages conversations while preparing a meal. Whether the space is a simple heat-tolerant deck or a larger setup with many grills and plenty of space, having the right location, equipment, and amenities is essential.

Vacation homes should have grills that are safe and can handle all types of food. Barbecues, smoker grills, pizza ovens, and Dutch ovens are some of the options to look for when searching for apartments, villas, or cabins. Other amenities such as seating, counter space, and lights add to the pleasure of outdoor cooking.

Kitchen Supplies

Having the right kitchen supplies on hand is a great way to make your vacation more enjoyable and to save money on meals while away from home. A good kitchen amenity package includes a refrigerator, cooktop, oven, microwave, dishwasher, and basic cookware like pots, pans, and utensils.

Any equipped kitchen should also have some basic food prep items. This includes things such as a cutting board, can opener, colander, kitchen towels, and even a blender.

A well-stocked pantry with seasonings, sugar, flour, oils, and other cooking staples can make it more convenient to prepare meals. If you are on the lookout for resort-style amenities, make sure to check for a great kitchen setup.

Hot Tub

Hot tubs provide therapeutic benefits like improved circulation, relief from muscle tension and joint pain, and improved sleep and relaxation. Some hot tubs come with LED lighting for a soothing, relaxing atmosphere. Other features to look for when renting a vacation home with a hot tub include jets and a temperature control system.

Air Conditioning

Warm summer air can make for difficult sleep and sticky days, and having air conditioning in the house can help. With central air conditioning systems, the entire house can be cooled to an agreeable temperature. It helps to keep everyone in the home or on the property happy and comfortable.

Some rental homes may also feature window units and portable air conditioning units. Both of these can provide helpful air conditioning and work at much lower price points. Additionally, many homes with air conditioning include devices such as dehumidifiers which can help to regulate the relative indoor humidity level for added comfort.

Adequate Parking

Adequate parking helps visitors access and enjoy rental amenities without the need to search for spaces along the street or in overcrowded public parking lots. Vacation homeowners should also consider the type of vehicle they are expecting their guests to bring. For example, if the home is located near a popular beach, many visitors will be arriving in large vehicles like SUVs or RVs.

Without adequate parking to accommodate these larger vehicles, guests may not be able to access the property. It is also important for homes with many floors and levels, as visitors may not have the ability to haul luggage or other items up the stairs.

Safety Features

Features such as security systems, locks, and lighting can help protect your family and belongings from harm. Investing in a quality alarm system can give you peace of mind. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are required by law and serve as an important safeguard.

Additionally, look for homes with locks on all entrances and window alarms. If you’re looking for a seaside villa, make sure it includes a well-lit outdoor area. This is to ensure your family’s safety during evening activities and beach walks.

Proper Policies

One of the most popular vacation home amenities to look for is proper policies. Today, proper insurance provides vacation home renters with the peace of mind to enjoy their holiday without worrying about unexpected events or damages.

Visit a website like to secure the right level of short-term vacation rental insurance to protect home renters against things like fire, theft, flooding, wind damage, and personal injury or property damage caused by guests.

The Ultimate Vacation Home Amenities List to Look For

Popular vacation home amenities can help make your next trip memorable, convenient, and comfortable. Look for amenities like high-speed internet, smart home automation, and upgraded appliances. They can help turn a normal vacation home into a luxurious oasis.

Spend some time searching for a vacation home that fits your needs, and you’ll be sure to have an unforgettable and restful experience. So don’t wait – book your next vacation home now and treat yourself!

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