What Does CBD Look Like? 4 Common Identifiers

As businesses rush to capitalize on the growing trend of CBD availability, it can be increasingly difficult to know what to choose.

This confusion is exacerbated by the fact that CBD comes in so many different forms. There are CBD tinctures, capsules, gummies, and edibles. It’s also available in oils, lotions, topical creams, and more.

Furthermore, many of these products are mislabeled or are just plain fraudulent. To avoid this, know what to look for when you’re shopping for CBD.

So, what does CBD look like? Here are the top four indicators of genuine CBD products. That way, you can ensure that you’re getting a bona fide, high-quality product.

1. Visual Appearance

CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive compound found in a CBD plant, and it comes in many shapes and forms. Generally speaking, CBD products typically appear as pale yellow or golden oils, light brown powders, and dark brown or blackish capsules and pills.

Flowers of CBD-rich hemp plants have varying shades, ranging from light green to dark blue. Hemp plants are recognizable by their tall, skinny structure and thick-walled, cylindrical buds. Synthetic CBD, on the other hand, has a purity level close to perfect and is usually sold in liquid form, pre-measured in plastic tubes.

2. Touch

CBD oil will have a sticky, waxy-like texture when it is touched. This is because of the natural wax content of the oil, giving it its distinct texture. Secondly, when it is broken up, CBD oil will have a distinctive odor due to the fragrant terpenes it contains.

Pure CBD oil will have a very high melting point, so when touched, it will remain solid at room temperature. These three factors, combined, can be used to identify CBD oil when touched.

3. Aroma

As for aroma, CBD typically does not release a discernible odor but may have a faintly earthy or herbal scent. To identify a CBD product from other hemp extracts, it is important to discern the difference in aroma.

For example, CBD oil, without the terpenes, will often lack the distinct aroma that is produced with the terpenes present. Lastly, the concentration or potency of a particular CBD product can be identified by its taste, which may range from sweet to bitter, depending on the composition.

4. Trichomes

Trichomes contain the highest concentration of CBD in any part of the plant. They have a crystal-like appearance and look like tiny, clear, or translucent crystals covering the buds and leaves.

In addition, the trichomes often appear to be covered with sticky resin, often referred to as “kief” or “pollen.” The presence of trichomes can also be confirmed by looking for an uncharacteristic shimmer on the surface of the plant parts. To reap the benefits of these CBD products, visit the nearest reliable store near you.

Explore What Does CBD Look Like and Its Common Identifiers

CBD can come in many forms – from vape cartridges to pills and tinctures. When trying to identify what does CBD look like, look out for the common markers like an ingredient list containing hemp strains derivatives, a marked dosage, and a specified amount of THC.

Be sure to check labels and do more research to make an informed purchase. Try these tips today to ensure safety when shopping for CBD!

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